Rosa Santos is out in the world!

DON’T DATE ROSA SANTOS has been on shelves for a little over a month, and it’s still so wild to me to see and hear from readers. Port Coral isn’t just my make-believe spot anymore, but has all these new folks running around town meeting everyone.

One of the coolest things to happen was ROSA being selected as an Okra Pick! It means the world to have my Latinx diaspora story also be embraced as a Southern one. The Latina who can’t kick her Georgia twang!

DON’T DATE ROSA SANTOS has also been chosen as a Junior Library Guild pick! Everyone pretty much knows by now that my first dream job was to work at my library, and it was one of the best jobs ever. My local branch is still so wildly supportive, and to have ROSA be a JLG pick was an absolute dream.

And ROSA is also a Summer Indie Next List pick for teen readers! LIKE, WHAT! I love indie bookstores and hope to visit as many as I can. BOOKS & BOOKS in Miami has been the absolute best and hosted an amazing launch for Rosa and me. And I recently had an unforgettable event with some of my favorite YA authors at ONE MORE PAGE in Arlington, VA.

Rosa’s in the world and she’s making herself quite comfortable. I hope readers do the same in Port Coral. I’m sure they’re having a festival as we speak.

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